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SDLP urges support for Primark workersMar 26, 2012

SDLP Group Leader on Belfast City Council Cllr Tim Attwood has urged people to support Primark workers in their campaign for fairer pay.

Thu 15th March

Cllr Attwood, who will join workers on the picket line at Belfast’s Primark store tomorrow, said:

“Low paid Primark employees are coming to the end of a three year pay freeze and are simply looking a pay increase in line with inflation...

A United IrelandMar 26, 2012

The Good Friday Agreement realized the SDLP’s vision of an Agreed Ireland. But, as a nationalist party, the SDLP’s goal has not only been to secure an Agreed Ireland, but also to go further and achieve a United Ireland.

Our vision of a United Ireland respects the same commitments that lie at the heart of the Good Friday Agreement. In the United Ireland to which we are committed, all the Agreement’s principles and protections would endure...