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Halt One Direction concert ticket re-sales: SDLPFeb 25, 2012

The SDLP's Pat Ramsey has called on Trading Standards to investigate the online re-sale of One Direction concert tickets at inflated prices.

He said tickets for the band's Belfast gig had gone on sale on Saturday morning and been "sold out very quickly".

Mr. Ramsey said that within a few hours the tickets were "up for sale on social media sites at exorbitant prices".

He said he been contacted by a number of constituents about the matter.

"This has been extremely disappointing and frustrating for One Directions fans, particularly for parents who had great difficulty purchasing the tickets for their children over the phone and on the Ticketmaster website," the Foyle assembly member said...

SDLP: Deputy attacks Leader over ‘poverty’ pay campaignFeb 25, 2012

we reported how Alasdair McDonnell’s Save Politicians from Poverty Appeal had provoked the Mayor of Lisburn, Brian Heading, to publicly criticize his party leader. That provoked a stinging rebuttal by Alasdair McDonnell.

Today, the SDLP Deputy Leader, Dolores Kelly, has publicly criticised Alasdair McDonnell over the issue, stating that she was “astonished” and “deeply unhappy” with her party leader’s comments.

I am astonished with Alasdair’s comments given that they are not party policy and as someone who has been honored and proud to be a public representative for almost 18 years, not for securing good pay and pension for myself, but to be an advocate for change...